Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile

Yunnan Boxin Biotech Co., Ltd, was established on Dec. 19, 2014, located at Xicheng Industrial Park of Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers an area of 440.27 mu, and its registered capital is 41.8074 million yuan. Yunnan Boxin is a high-tech private company integrated Haematococcus Pluvialis cultivation, scientific research, processing, selling and trading into one. At present, Boxin"s development and production of products are Haematococcus Pluvialis powder, Astaxanthin oil, which are mainly sold to the United States, Mexico, France, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries.

Yunnan Boxin has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Yunnan Boxin-Zaoye Biotech CO.,Ltd, which is mainly responsible for culturing Haematococcus Pluvialis, and its primary processing; and Yunnan Boxin-Runsheng Biotech Co.,Ltd, which is mainly responsible for extracting Astaxanthin Oil, and its end products" R&D, we have produced Astaxanthin gel candy, Astaxanthin skin care products. Boxin has gradually formed a pattern of development from culturing and primary processing to deep processing.

Yunnan Boxin has been cooperating with Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences since its start. During the cooperation, we have established Microalgae Engineering Technology Research Center, Expert Workstation, and National Haematoccocus Pluvialis Seed Resource Bank and its Seed Selection Demonstration Base. Together, we have built a R&D team consisting scientific research experts and our company"s technique backbones, which allowing us to build an integrated technical system. Yunnan Boxin has achieved 76 key technological results and paved the way for the Haematoccocus Pluvialis industrial production with an annual output of 100 ton haematococcus pluvialis powder and 30 ton Astaxanthin oil. Continuous investing into R&D has providing our company the driving force to a rapid development.

Yunnan Boxin has been equipped with advanced inspection and examination devices and also acquired 5 China patents. Due to the advanced Haematococcus pluvialis cultivation technology, large-scale and standardized production hardware facilities, our company has built a modern enterprise management system and strict quality management system, and obtained the "Food Production License" Certificate, passed the ISO 9001, Quality Management System, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, HACCP System Certificate. Yunnan Boxin is rated as Provincial level Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Provincial level Specialized and New Growth Enterprises, Municipal level Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization and Green Brand Food Industry Base, also won the first prize of the 2020 China Innovative Method Competition in Yunnan Division. Yunnan Boxin relies on advanced technology and software and hardware facilities, strict production process control, well-found technology and advanced detection methods to ensure the quality of products and win wide praise from customers at home and abroad.

With the enhancement of human health management awareness, and the rapid growth of health demand, our company will stick to the management tenet of “Extracting Microalgae essence, Creating healthy life” in order to promote the development of human big health industry, and fulfill the social responsibility of “improving human life quality, advancing human health level”, strive to achieve the goal of "Building a world-class microalgae enterprise and Providing world-class health products".


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