Leader's Speech
Leader's Speech

Welcome to website of Yunnan Boxin Biotech Co., Ltd. and thanks for your concern and support!

Yunnan Boxin Biotech Co., Ltd., as a high-tech private enterprise integrating scientific research, cultivation, processing, selling and trading into one, was officially founded on December 19, 2014 by means of asset restructuring in Yunnan Bohao Biotech Group Co., Ltd..

Management tenet of the company is “Developing biotechnology; leading public health”. Hopefully, the biotechnology can be utilized to facilitate progress of massive health industry, plant extracts used to satisfy human beings’ yearning for being converted to nature and green products manufactured to bring people both health and happiness by virtue of our unique advantages of natural conditions, high technical strength and preferable modern enterprise operation mechanism.

We have a vision to forge our company into a trustworthy and respected enterprise in the lead among domestic peers and with much influence among international counterparts through our own efforts. 

Today, in addition to rapid economic growth and fierce competition, world politics and economics change constantly. Under such a circumstance, we still have a long way to go to realize our beautiful dreams. However, the door to our dreams can be definitely opened based on the perseverance and the courage to forge ahead against a swift current, the generosity of being tolerant of others’ differences and the spirit of assiduously seeking and winning through innovation.

At present, the public thirst for being converted to nature, and pursues green and health, which has become a kind of fashion. On the journey to achieving our vision, we will conform to the historical trend of the time, seize the opportunity and have the courage to fight with the help of Chna’s Implementation of Healthy China Strategy and the support of new and old friends from all walks of life. In this way, a bright future can be created for Boxin through joint efforts of all my colleagues.  

Thank you again for visiting the website of Yunnan Boxin Biotech Co., Ltd.! We hope that friends from all sectors of society continue following and supporting us!

Chairman: Bai Laoliu

Dec. 06, 2017

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