Astaxanthin oil
Astaxanthin oil

Product description: with 100% haematococcus pluvialis powder as raw material, it is extracted and refined under advanced technology and strict quality control.

Product specification: the content of astaxanthin is 5% and 10%

Product description: deep red viscous liquid (fat soluble, insoluble in water), with unique algal odor.

Product use: health food, food additives, food coloring, cosmetics ingredients, aquaculture, pet feeding, etc.

Health food: make nutrition or health food, such as capsule, tablet, oral liquid.

Food or drink: make functional foods and drinks.

Fish and poultry eggs: as food coloring and nutrition additives, such as meat, eggs and canned products.

Makeup/skin care products: commonly used as makeup, anti-aging or anti-ultraviolet formula.

Feed: pet/feed added, commonly used for advanced aquaculture, pet feeding.

Packaging specifications: 1 ㎏ / tank (barrel), 5 ㎏ / tank (barrel)

Packing: using food-grade aluminum cans.

Stability and storage: the active ingredient astaxanthin is decomposed and oxidized due to light, air and other factors. It should be kept away from light and kept in the shade for 24 months, and use as soon as possible after opening. This product contains no additives.


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