Red Found Powder
Haematococcus Pluvialis Powder
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Product description: haematococcus pluvialis and spores harvested as raw material, through algal fluid concentration separation, spray drying is made of 100% haematococcus pluvialis powder, appearance for the red or dark red uniform powder, with the delicate flavors of the natural algea, astaxanthin content is between 3% and 5% (using clean closed bioreactor cultivation, containing no additives)

Product use: people use dietary additives or animal feed additives.

Product properties: red or dark red powder.

Packing specification: 5000 g/bag.

Packing: the inner packing is vacuum packed with food grade aluminum foil bag, and the outer packing is packed in cartons.

Stability and storage: effective components of astaxanthin due to factors such as illumination, air can decompose, oxidation, should avoid light, save 4 degrees below zero, the shelf life of 24 months, use as soon as possible after opening. It does not contain any additives.

Algal powder with cell wall broken: haematococcus pluvialis after broken cell wall, it can release astaxanthin , which can be easily extracted and absorbed by the organism. It is mainly used as raw material of astaxanthin. It is also used as a feed for aquatic animals and poultry.

Algal powder without cell wall broken : intact heamatococcus pluvialis cell structure was retained. Astaxanthin is more difficult to release. After breaking cell wall, it is mainly used as raw material for astaxanthin.

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